Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

One of the latest appliances used for energy-efficient plumbing is a tankless electric water heater. In this YouTube video, viewers learn how to replace a corroded water heater fitting valve. Due to the nature of some types of water in both tankless electric and traditional tank heaters, the pipes can become corroded.

Inside the water heater’s pipes is a long, steel stick-like wand called an anode rod.

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These rods are intended to prevent water corrosion. The wand is designed to purposely wear down because it absorbs the minerals that could potentially corrode the pipes.

To replace the rod, the water must first be turned off. Special scissors must be used to cut the metal pipe, and then a piece of the pipe is removed and set aside. The screw that is attached to the heater must now be loosened with a pipe wrench. After the bottom part of the pipe is removed, the rod can be withdrawn through the opening.

A new anode rod can now be inserted. Before the pipe is reinserted onto the top, Teflon tape is used to fortify the threads of the screw. Once the bolt over the screw is tightened, the cut portions of the pipe are realigned. The last step is for the cut pipe to be welded shut, and the water heater can be used again.

These rods are intended to prevent water corrosion.

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