Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Starting a drain cleaning business could be a great idea. You’ll need the right tools to help people with their clogged drains and pipes. For starters, a van with a company logo is important. A pickup truck just won’t cut it. As for the high-tech stuff, a drain-cleaning camera helps you find problems.

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These issues include tree roots, broken pipes, and dips in the underground pipes.

You should get one that can be recorded on an SD card. That way, you can show customers what’s going on in their homes. Drain cleaning also needs a hydrojet. This machine blasts the inside of the pipes with water. It removes roots, sludge, and anything else blocking the way. For smaller jobs, a little drain-cleaning camera is the way to go. Such a tool is useful for sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.

A toilet auger is another must-have tool. It can fish out things like toys, phones, and even feminine hygiene products from toilets. The handheld drill auger is good for clogs in kitchens, sinks, and bathtubs. What’s more, the K400 auger is helpful for tougher clogs in the same areas. Meanwhile, a K6200 auger is the biggest and most effective.

It’s what you’ll need to take on tough mainline drain cleaning jobs with tough clogs and tree roots. You’ll also want a wet or dry vacuum because drain cleaning can get pretty messy. The last essential piece of equipment is a ladder. You’ll need it to get to roof vents, which can sometimes be the source of drain problems. Watch this video to see what tools drain cleaning companies use.


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