Working with a commercial GC is an exceptional way to help bring in higher profits and spread awareness about your painting business. However, you should never place bids for every project sent your way or work with just any general contractor. This video will explain what you need to know before bidding on a job.

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First, we’ll explain the various types of jobs available. Working with a commercial GC may involve repaints or going in after the construction crew to paint the entire building. Massive jobs often have several painting companies bidding on the job to take home a paycheck, but not to worry. We’ll explain how a general contractor chooses the painting company they want to work with.

If you’re new to working with general contractors, you want to know about various risks. Ideally, you will work with a contractor willing to build a relationship with you. This can lead to you having one job after another without having to bid on multiple jobs sent your way. Building a long-term relationship with clients can instantly relieve some of the stress of owning a painting business. This video will review the basics to help your business go from surviving to thriving.


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