A simple shower glass panel requires two to three hours to install when done by a professional contractor. If you want to learn to do this installation yourself, watch this video to learn the highlights of such a project. This video also apprises you of the tools required to accomplish the shower door installation.

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When a novice do-it-yourselfer (DIY-er) installs a glass shower panel or door for the first time, it typically takes about half a day. If you want to try such a project, you’ll need a second person to hold the glass, help maneuver it into place, and hand you tools. Even the professionals work in pairs, so don’t try to install a glass shower door or panel alone.

You’ll need to complete six essential steps to complete this installation. These include:
1. Measure the area for the door and plan your door installation.
2. Purchase the materials needed, including tools.
3. Prepare the work area by removing the existing door or shower curtain track. Clean the area.
4. Install the track.
5. Drill the installation holes in the wall.
6. Mount the hinges and hardware.
Test the door for waterproofing. If water seeps through any gap, apply silicone sealant.

Most glass shower doors come in kits. Follow the directions in the kit and the process outlined in videos like this one. Eventually, a DIY-er can become as quick at installing these doors and panels as a professional.

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