Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Door installation is simpler when following a few basic steps. In this video, a professional explains what checks to make before installing a pre-hung interior door. Amateur DIYers can follow these tips to ensure their door-hanging projects are successful.

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Check that the gap made for the door is straight. Use a tool called a level to check that the floor is horizontal. Differences in level must be reflected in the door jamb to ensure a perfect fit.

Installers must also take into account any carpet or floor tiling near the project area. Measuring a door all the way to a bare floor means there will be no gap to accommodate floor coverings. Plan what flooring is to be used ahead of time and ensure those measurements are taken off the door length or door jamb.

It’s also important to ensure the horizontal edges are perfectly level. During the door installation process, if a level indicates the frame is slanted, tack a shim in place to level. Similarly, installers need to check that the door is flush with the wall to avoid gaps and cause issues with opening and closing the door.

Once installers are happy that all the angles are straight and the door is correctly positioned, they can start drilling and screwing. Start with the hinge side, and check throughout that the position of the door remains flush with the walls and floor.

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