Tue. May 28th, 2024

A pole barn is a great area to store whatever a family or business may need, ranging from hay storage and livestock shelter to coverage for boats and trucks. Pole barns are a great way to provide shelter for a relatively inexpensive price, and your local pole barn builders should talk with you about your options before the project gets started.

The video embedded on this page goes over the basics of pole barn building, including use cases, common designs, and origins of the pole barn.

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The speaker explains that the term “pole barn” was first used in the 1930s in the United States and has remained a popular term since. The first pole barns were built from old telephone and power poles driven into the ground with a roof built above it. Using these recycled materials made it quite a bit more inexpensive for the builder.

Pole barn builders can add a number of features to each build at the request of the owner. A slab foundation can be placed under the entire building for a solid floor, walls can be made out of corrugated metal, and the roof can be in whatever shape or material works best.

The pole barn is a great, inexpensive option for a building and can be looked into provided you have the proper space on your property. Your local contractor can also provide advice and a full build detail if you want more information.

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