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Every home has to be built on a foundation to provide proper support for the full weight of a house, so it requires some ingenious designs. Technology has helped the foundation building process, but the overall concept of a home foundation has remained largely the same. A large slab of concrete or other rock-like building material is placed on the ground to create a level field on which all construction will occur.

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But how can foundations vary from property to property?

The first option is to include a basement, which is popular in the northern parts of the country that experience less flooding. It offers a good amount of storage space, protection against tornadoes and strong storms, and can even be finished to provide additional living space.

Crawlspaces are also common in the United States, and provide similar storage abilities as a basement. These crawlspaces are almost never finished and do not provide an extra space to live in the home.

The last most common is a slab home foundation, which is a solid piece of concrete to hold the house in place. Nothing can get around or under this foundation, which is great in locations that may flood easily. It allows the house a properly stable place to rest on in case of violent storms, which is why these are often found in the states threatened most by hurricanes.

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