Most people will seek septic pumping services when they want to clean their septic tanks. A professional in septic pumping services has all the expertise to clean your septic tank in the best way possible. But what goes on during the cleaning exercise? Once the professional arrives at your property, they need to know where you are.

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The professional needs to establish if your septic system needs routine maintenance or if there are specific issues that need to be addressed. The service provider will then check the system to determine the problem. The first step is to find the septic tank. This is where the prod comes in handy. It is used in finding the septic tank. The professional will poke the soil to find the tank under the ground. The next step is to mark the perimeter to know where the lid will be. After locating the tank, it is time to dig up the sod to get to the access point of the septic tank to the lid. A lot of lids are 18 by 18 inch square.

If you want to avoid spending $40, you can start by digging the hole to the access lid. You do not have to take the concrete lid off. Once you have the dirt removed and the excess hole open, you can proceed to dig the hole yourself and save some money.


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