Current and potential homeowners often wonder whether window brands matter. Well, according to Sean Yahn from American Window Concepts.Inc, they do. He says that not all windows are created equal, just like cars.
Some window brands stand out above others, so homeowners must do their due diligence and homework.

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Different window manufacturers use different approaches to design their windows, affecting their overall aesthetic appeal, durability, warranty, and cost. That’s why what one window replacement company may opt for and recommend may differ from another.
Sean says that while window manufacturers will typically tell their clients about their warranty coverage, it’s good practice for homeowners to find out precisely what it involves because warranties tend to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. They should establish everything from what it covers and what it doesn’t. This includes confirming if it covers things like glass breakage, if one gets labor for life, if it’s transferable, and after how long it stops.
After reading what’s in the warranty, it’s a good idea for a homeowner to follow up by verifying the manufacturer’s ratings through platforms like Yelp. Here, Sean says one can readily find information on all the good and bad stuff about a specific brand so they can come to their conclusion. He also emphasizes the importance of establishing who will be installing the windows.
Are they employees of the window manufacturer or subcontractors? He notes that subcontractors aren’t always bad. Sean concludes the video by saying that homeowners should always do their due diligence and homework on the window brands and installers they’re considering.

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