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When looking to craft your own charming home, you may be tempted to focus entirely on the interior. Perhaps you have decorated every room with its own unique style or have displayed all of your prized possessions in a fashionable order. Yet, whilst you spend all of your time on the inside, the exterior of your property may be looking worse for wear. As such, this article will discuss everything you need to know about improving the exterior of your property and learn how to maintain its impeccable appearance.

8 Ways to Improve the Exterior of Your Property

1. Beautiful Landscape

Your property’s landscape is a key focal point on your exterior, so it’s important that you keep it well-manicured all year round. This could be as simple as mowing the lawn once a week or planting a selection of remarkable fauna around the perimeter of your garden. Yet, if you’re eager to produce an impeccable garden that stands the test of time, it’s best to recruit a selection of acclaimed landscape designers. Usually, these contractors will discuss your plans beforehand so that you can finally enjoy the garden you’ve always dreamed of. Landscapers will then start by excavating and remodeling your garden, adding a selection of pathways and horticulture in order to create a truly striking environment. The Spruce tells us that the average cost of landscaping a garden can be $8,150, so this service is regarded as an impressive way to improve the appearance of your backyard. One of the more affluent elements of this trade is a landscape curbing service, which allows these workers to add a quaint curved edge around a selection of rural areas within your garden. For example, landscape curbing is commonly used to separate flower beds from the rest of the lawn. Although this service is seen as quite pricey, with Lawn Love estimating that it costs $15 to $20 per linear foot, this is an amazing way to add a few unique touches to your charming home.

2. Fresh Exterior Paint

Sometimes, all your charming home needs is a fresh coat of high-quality paint. Over time, paint tends to deteriorate, mainly because it becomes covered in dirt and debris. This can then lead to an array of common issues, such as peeling, discoloration, and cracks. Homeowners are free to take a trip to their local hardware store, pick up a few cans of paint, and re-paint the exterior of their houses for themselves. However, if you’re eager to gain a more luxurious service, be sure to reach out to a range of local exterior painters. During this service, the painters will typically use a wealth of specialist equipment like high-pressure nozzles, stiff-bristle brushes, and extendable poles to ensure that homeowners can receive an even and comprehensive paint job. This is also a useful service for those with disabilities or reduced mobility, as it allows these individuals to enjoy a remarkably finished home without having to do any of the hard work. Nerd Wallet explains that this service usually costs $1,000 to $4,000 per 1,000 square feet, so it can be considered quite pricey. Not to mention, this only includes labor costs. So, homeowners are also expected to factor the cost of their desired paint into this price. That being said, this is an excellent way for homeowners to brighten up their home and make it stand out from the crowd.

3. Paved Concrete Driveway

Though many homeowners don’t give their driveways a second thought, it can be a fantastic asset for those looking to improve their overall curb appeal. Driveways become vulnerable to a wealth of external circumstances, such as weather conditions, erosion, and wear and tear. As such, you may be forced to drive your car across a surface that is cracked and full of gravel. A local concrete company can help to repair your driveway and make it look as good as new. These highly skilled contractors can help fill in these jarring gaps and make the surface more polished and refined. For those who live in areas that are prone to harsh storms, you may benefit from having an asphalt driveway installed. Although these types of driveways are installed in the same way as their concrete counterparts, asphalt is incredibly weather-resistant. As such, it’s a great material to add to the exterior of your home if you want your driveway to soak up large quantities of rainwater or melt vast amounts of snow. The cost of a paved concrete driveway varies depending on the size as well as any other decorative elements that the homeowner desires. However, Concrete Network states that homeowners can expect to pay $5-$7 per square foot for a traditional gray driveway and an additional $8-$18 per square foot for a more ornamental finish. As such, this is a great process for homeowners of any budget, as there seems to be a lot of flexibility in the price of a standard driveway, depending on the type of style that you desire.

4. Elegant Siding

Siding works to protect the exterior of your home, so it’s a crucial element to add if you’re eager to create a charming home. Though siding typically presents a plain and neutral appearance, there are a number of ways that you can add a bit of flair to this feature. Most recognizably, homeowners tend to use a wealth of quaint pastel-colored panels to help the exterior of their home seem more suburban and decadent. Vinyl siding is also a very popular option as it’s incredibly durable and low-maintenance, making this an ideal asset for those looking for a quick and easy way to give their homes an added boost. This type of siding is also a lot easier to paint over than its competitors, making it useful for those who can’t set their minds on one color and are always in need of a decorative change. This material is also very affordable to install, with This Old House explaining that it typically costs an average of $18,662, which equals $4.15-$115.25 per square foot. In turn, this is an exceptional option for those looking to extend the longevity of the exterior of their home while still keeping its good looks.

5. Cozy Patio

If you tend to use your garden to relax after a hectic day at work, you may benefit from installing a soothing patio area. Patios work to create a sense of separation from your lawn, ensuring that you have a more practical space to unwind and spend quality time with your loved ones. However, a patio will not be of much use to you unless you fit it out with a selection of high-end furniture. Pieces such as vast garden chairs, large patio umbrellas, and weatherproof tables can help to make your outdoor space more inviting and communal. Plus, these umbrellas can help to shade you from the pouring rain or the blazing sun, meaning that you can use your dream patio area all year round. Installing a patio is undoubtedly quite expensive, but there’s no denying that it can add an incredible amount of value to your home. Angi states that a patio can cost anywhere from $1,958-$5,760, with the national average sitting at $3,847. If you’re eager to create a particularly large patio area, the contractors will likely have to use a concrete pump truck to lay the foundation effectively. This is considered to be another labor cost, so keep these instances in mind when calculating the budget for your new charming home.

6. Well-Maintained Roof

Your roof is a fundamental asset to the rest of your home as it ensures that your property is well-aligned and protected against the elements. However, despite their immense strength and robustness, roofs tend to suffer a lot of decay as time goes by. As such, your house may become vulnerable to leaks, mold damage, and dampness, all of which can lead us to suffer a collection of detrimental illnesses. If you’re starting to feel concerned about the quality of your roof, it’s best to reach out to some local roofing services as soon as possible. These contractors will usually start by assessing the performance of your roof, highlighting any glaring issues or deformities. Then, these local roofing contractors will help to implement any remedies or even get started on building you a new roof. Admittedly, a new roof may sound exuberant to a lot of homeowners, especially since Architectural Digest notes that it could cost anywhere from $5,700 to $12,500. However, since roofs tend to last between 25 and 50 years, this can be seen as an elusive investment in your charming home.

7. Modern Garage

Though garages are typically used to keep our vehicles safe and dry, they are teeming with a wealth of possibilities. Yet, if you tend to view your garage as a decrepit storage unit or a hub of cobwebs, you may be missing out on making the most out of this space. But, before you transform your old garage into a brand-new entertainment suite or a flashy home office, you may have to complete a series of repairs. A standard handyman can help you complete a selection of garage door repair services, ensuring that you get in and out of your space with ease. Plus, an improved door can also make your unit more secure, helping to keep pesky rodents or criminals away from your possessions. You may feel that you could fix a garage door for yourself, but these assets are actually very complex and make use of a range of springs, hinges, and screws to help make it more impregnable. Therefore, it’s best to contact a registered contractor to help you complete these jobs without mishaps. According to A1 Garage Door Service, a standard garage door repair can cost anywhere from $147 to $327, which is quite affordable for the common consumer. So, for a few hundred dollars, you can add a new and improved garage to your charming home.

8. Stylish Windows

Windows are a pivotal aspect of any charming home as they allow us to gaze out at the tremendous views that sit before us whenever we please. But, the nature of windows allows on-lookers to stare into our houses, which can be very off-putting to some homeowners. As such, you may benefit from recruiting a window tinting service to help add a sense of privacy to your charming home. This service is incredibly diverse and commonly uses a wealth of expert materials, such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or ceramic, to help darken your exterior windows. Thus, you can continue to indulge in a spot of people-watching without having to worry about passers-by intruding in your private time. Ceramic tinting is one of the most common types of window tinting, with Dark Shade Window Tint explaining that this service usually costs $7-$9 per square foot. Additionally, ceramic window tinting can be an exceptional way to keep your home cool and comfortable. This material can block out 65% of UV radiation, meaning that your home can stay cold while still allowing a natural source of sunlight into your home. In turn, investing in some window tints can also help you to reduce your AC consumption in the long run, which is useful for those looking to reduce the cost of their monthly utility bill.

For many of us, our homes are our greatest asset and most impressive achievement. But, as we continue to live in our properties daily, they tend to show clear signs of decay and deterioration. As such, we are forced to continuously improve the state of our houses, which can cost a lot of time, energy, and money. Yet, once these improvements are in place, we are free to revel in an expertly crafted property that we can use as a safe haven from the stressors of everyday life. Therefore, be sure to use some of the tips and tricks listed in this article when you are building your own charming home.

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