Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Looking to flip your next home? “3 Wood Flooring Trends That Are DEAD | 2023,” a video by Lumberjack Hardwood Floors, outlines three hardwood flooring trends confirmed dead in 2023. The presenter is an installer who uses humor and skits to convey that you should not choose hardwood flooring options that are going out of style.

The first dead trend is white on oak flooring. Staining oak flooring with white does not look natural or age well.

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If you want the beach house look, choose a lighter-colored wood that does not require staining.

The second dead trend is gray flooring. Lots of gray LVP was installed in less-expensive flip houses. Now people who pay for hardwood flooring do not want their homes to resemble a flip house. If a homeowner wants a gray floor, hardwood flooring stained to appear weathered is an alternative.

His third trend, which he spends the most time reviewing is Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP), a plastic product, not hardwood flooring. Although its name includes “Luxury,” it is not a luxury product. Instead, luxury is in the title to trick people into thinking they are getting a higher-class product. Likewise, vinyl sounds better than plastic, and plank sounds like the real thing, but the product is a cheap knockoff.


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