Tue. May 28th, 2024

While you’re prepping your construction site project, you probably prioritize items like galvanized nails, non-galvanized nails, high-quality lumber, and portable power tools, as this video below discusses. Other items you add to your list can speed your work along. Let’s consider a few job site items you might have missed on your must-have list.

1. A Tarp to Cover the Work Area

Inclement weather can potentially ruin your project. Texas frequently experiences thunderstorms during spring and summer.

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Protect your project wood and freshly poured concrete by covering the work area with a tarp at the end of each work day or in case an unexpected storm blows over it.

2. A Break Tent or RV

Either construct a hearty tent exceeding standing height or park an RV on-site. This area provides workers with a safe, dry area during a rain shower. Wet conditions don’t have to chase you off-site. By having the break tent handy, everyone can remain on the job site while the storm passes. You only need to send the crew home if the storm lasts all day.

3. Provide Portable Toilets

If you park an RV on the job site for workers to use, you might think that it takes care of the toilet. With a full work crew, though, you need more than one toilet. Use a simple solution like a porta potty rental in Pasadena, TX to solve this issue.

Whether you’re completing your first construction project or working in Texas for the first time, these three items can ease your work. They might not top the materials list like rebar and concrete mix do, but they do make a job site more productive and enjoyable.

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