Tue. May 28th, 2024

A home’s roof is an essential feature of its design. A roof should protect the family living inside and their assets. It should also be reliable and sturdy. The YouTube video “Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor – Questions to Ask a Roofer” explains it. Hiring any residential roofing contractor won’t do. A residential roofer should have specific skills.

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This relates to more than hard skills. All great residential roofers have certain qualities and skills that make them great.


Hard Skills Versus Soft Skills

A residential roofer should have hard skills. These are the technical skills that ensure they know what they’re doing. There’s more that goes into roofing than laying the tiles, sheets, or slates. Roofers need to have expert problem-solving skills. Apart from that, roofers should be honest and trustworthy. These are some soft skills and qualities that make a great roofer. It’s the combination of hard and soft skills and personal attributes that one needs to look for.


Installing a new roof is a pricey affair. That’s one of the reasons homeowners want it done right the first time. Knowing what to look for in a roofer will ensure it’s done right. In addition, the quality of work will be superior.


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