According to This Old House, when water comes down as rain, it gets into the local aquifer and picks up a number of minerals. In many areas, this includes limestone, and the water will pick up a lot of calcium. Getting water softening services can hel with the problems that this can cause. When water is heavy with minerals, it can create a buildup of these minerals inside the pipes as well as the fixtures, clogging them up.

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Getting water softening services is a way to use a simple machine to soften the water that is coming in so that it won’t have so many minerals in it. These systems, such as Rain Soft water softening services, work by putting the water through a canister that has beads in it that have a negative charge. This will attract the calcium in the water to the beads, and that mineral will be left inside the canister as the water moves into the next stage of the softener.

With water softening services, the water continues through the system and then goes into the home in its softer version. Without as many minerals, it won’t cause the buildups that can destroy so much of the plumbing in a house.

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